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Level System Pricing

What does this mean for our guests? This program simply allows us to take new and advanced stylists through our Aveda and Capelli’s training to ensure that we offer the most experience and education to each of our guests.  While prices vary in each level based on skills, training and experience, we want to maintain the same consistent goal and that is to offer our guests the highest quality as well as world-class customer service. Please read through each of our levels before determining which one suits you best, whichever level you choose you will experience superior service.

Stylists Levels:


New Talent stylists are licensed professionals recently graduated from a professional school and have obtained their cosmetology license.  Our New Talent stylists have just been introduced to the Aveda program and are enrolled in advanced training under our Master Designers. Please take note when booking with one of our New Talent stylist that you are part of the learning experience.  Their heavily discounted prices reflect their “New Talent” student status and therefore may not include a “redo” guarantee.  This level may not always be available, and please be cautious of timing when booking as they are working on service expediency.

PROTEGE (Level 1)

Protege stylists have taken many of our Aveda classes and graduated from New Talent.  They typically have 1-3 years experience.  While still in training, they are certified and qualified to offer any of our services while under direction of our salon educator.  At a higher price point, you can expect advanced upscale service still at affordable prices, while stylists continue to work to reach their potential.

STUDIO (Level 2)

Studio stylists have between 1-5 years experience in the hair industry and are still building clientele.  Studio stylists have met Capelli’s requirements for specific classes and have demonstrated expertise and proficiency.  Carefully selected for their technical skills and professionalism.  Advanced education is a constant theme as these stylists continue to offer the best.


Senior Designer stylists are well-educated and experienced professionals typically with 5 or more years experience.  Their commitment to ongoing education keeps them at the forefront of new techniques and trends.  Our most experienced specialist that brings rich experience to our guests and acts as a mentor for our team, also known as salon educators.  Working harder to achieve the goal of becoming a Master Designer, our Senior Designers are always on top of the latest trends and will be ready to offer you a new style no matter the challenge.


Master Designer stylists are our most experienced technicians and have been in the industry for 6+ years.  They are acknowledged inside of the professional network as leaders in their field. With years of experience, extensive training, and many thousands of hours behind the salon chair, they are truly the best-of-the-best.  Master Designers are active educators in our salon as well.  Take note, our Master Designers typically will have assistants or “New Talent” working beside them to learn how to make our guests more comfortable and pampered while still learning.  Also, keep in mind our Master Designer stylists are booked very far in advance so we recommend booking 2 or more appointments.  Master Designers have earned their position to charge the highest prices in the salons since they have completed advanced levels of education and demonstrated their cutting and color abilities.

Hair Designs

Women's Cut & Style$20+
Men's Cut & Style$15+
Children's Cut $12+
12 & under

Color/Chemical Treatments

Single Process Color$45+
Double Process Color$70+
Dimensional Color$70+
2 or more
One Color Foil$65+
Partial Foil$40+

Smoothing and Taming Treatments

Each of the smoothing services comes with complimentary shampoo and conditioner to maintain the treatment.

Brazilian Blowout Smoothing$265
GK Smoothing/Taming$195
Deep Conditioning$20+
Each Treatment varies


Shampoo, Blowout, & Style$15+
Up Styling$35+

Hair Extensions

The following services vary for each individual.  Please call and schedule your free consultation.

Cylinder Based